Got $3 million laying around? Yeah, neither do we.

Elemment Palazzo by Marchi Mobile

However, if we did, we could buy the new Elemment Palazzo seen here. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s brand new. It’s built by a company called Marchi Mobile out of Austria.


Fantastic Features

It has everything you’d ever think wouldn’t go into an RV. Unless, of course, you wanted a master bedroom with its own bathroom, leather seating, 40″ flat screen TV’s throughout, a rainfall shower, underfloor heating, and a fireplace. Not to mention the pullout luxury bar that adds 80% more space to the rig.

Big in Size, Big on Fuel Mileage?

The vehicle is 40 feet long and weighs 20 tons, but can still top out at 93mph. (What good is a mobile palace if you can’t run it out a little, right?) And believe it or not, Marchi says it gets 20% better fuel mileage than vehicles comparable in size, due to the Palazzo’s aerodynamic design. (Umm, “vehicles comparable in size”? They could have provided a specific example, because we’ve never seen anything like this before.) For safety reasons, you’ll be glad to know that the entire RV is painted in glow-in-the-dark paint. Yeah, like anybody was going to miss this thing.

Marchi also says that they’d be more than happy to customize the vehicle for you further, but for a price of course. They even said they’d go so far as to cover it in diamonds. Great. Way to have a nice inconspicuous vehicle to take the family on vacation with, huh?


Source: Article by Mariella Moon, of

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