It’s easy to be a guy. We wake up and decide to wear and only have to think about two things. The first is hygiene – which is obvious for most – though few of us do struggle with the basics (bathing, deodorant use, hair and nail trimming, etc.) The other half is style, and that is one we all tussle with more.

How we choose to present ourselves tells the world a great deal about us. Yet, so may of us struggle. While it might be difficult to understand the style dos, rest assured that anyone can avoid these style don’ts!

Visible undershirt

Check the mirror before leaving each day. If you can see your undershirt through your shirt, change one.

Plumber’s crack

If you think there is a chance it is happening, it is happening. Spare the world the gift it is not ready to receive.

White socks

Throw all of them out. If you keep a few for the gym, that is fine, but opt for socks with patterns and colors. And match accordingly.

A Combover

If you have to carefully style your hair to cover any gaps, the truth is this: Everyone knows and it is obviously you are hiding something. Give in. Own what you have and find a good style to suit it.

Denim on denim

No more denim tuxedoes, gentleman. No jean jackets if you are wearing jeans.

Sweatpants as pants

It does not make a difference how they are tailored, or how they are marketed, sweatpants belong at the gym and around your home on a rainy weekend.

Bad fits

Whether it is the shirt that is just a bit too big or the pants that give you a muffin top, if it does not fit, it does not fit. Get your close tailored, if you can.

Sneakers with suits

If women have to wear heels, you have to wear a nice pair of shoes.


Sandals with socks

Never do this, unless you want strangers to make fun of you.


Only appropriate for PIs in the 1930s.

Wrong belt

Wear a belt that matches. Black on black. Brown on Brown.


One is great. Two MAYBE. More and you are wearing brass knuckles.

T shirts with sports coat

Very stylish for the 1990s. Lazy these days.

Sweater vests, or Formal vests without a jacket

No more sweater vests. Only wear a vest with a suit or tuxedo.

Graphic tees

This one is for the 30+ readers – maybe it’s time to pitch that Bud T-Shirt you got in college?


Cargos or Carpenters

Pants or shorts, it’s time to ship the cargoes to a better place.


No matter the brand or how comfortable they might be, clogs are wearable hooves.

Swim trunks as shorts

You are not getting away with this. Everyone knows you are not wearing underwear.

Bolo ties


Ripped jeans/crotch rub-out

Some wear and tear is fine, but if you are concerned about what people are seeing, it is likely that they are seeing it.



They are not hats, they are just brims. Silly, silly things.