We remember our first home run and our first time on skates, but our youth was so many sports and activities we tend to forget as we get older. There is no rhyme or reason, but some of those favorite activities just don’t stick with us. Maybe because we grow out of them. Or they are not universally popular. But they were awesome when we were twelve, ad we should remember them now


Spud was the game that nerds and jocks both enjoyed. It combined a dodgeball and running with a quick mind and concentration.


shutterstock_152417072The introductory game to big boy basketball, Horse was truly where we learned our shooting skills. And frankly, we would still be up for a game these days.


Fact: Seeing your buddy stumble around a pool blindfolded for half an hour looking for someone to tag was an enjoyable experience then, and it would be an enjoyable experience now.


Throwing balls at people never gets old. It gets out aggression, while still conforming to important rules (NO FACE!). Dodgeball always felt a little badass. It’s time to see if it still would be.



Essentially life-size ping pong, pickleball was always a bit trickier than you expected. The wooden panels were heavy, and the Wiffle ball was always unpredictable. We can’t help but wonder if we would own that sport these days?


Okay, perhaps not a “sport”, but you know there were days you ruled Freeze Tag. It was cardio, with brief rests, which is probably an ideal sport for adults these days. People pay good money to work up a sweat like Freeze Tag does.


Now the parachute was never really a sport, and it was kind of lame – especially when you felt you were a little too old for the parachute. But, it might have been the first time you felt alone (albeit with 20 other kids in your class) with your first crush. Hanging under the parachute was our first step toward Seven Minutes in Heaven – and we thank it for that!


Adult kickball is starting to come back, and it makes sense. Kickball is awesome. It’s essentially baseball, but the bat IS YOUR FOOT. It’s low maintenance and it is hard to take too seriously. The perfect sport to drink a beer or four after.