(Note: Electing to have a drink and needing to have a drink are two separate things. This post concerns those electing to drink.)

Sometimes you simply need a drink. Perhaps you need the hair of the dog, or want to have a lively brunch with friends. And a drink is called for.

But wait, you think, it’s noon. I can’t drink a scotch now.

And you probably should not.

In truth, on vacation, the weekend, or at a brunch, it is thoroughly fine to have a drink or two. However, it is best to pick lighter, sweeter fare. And many of the early drinks can be broken down into categories.


First off, the bloodys. A Bloody Mary is always appropriate and has several qualities that actually help with hangovers. If vodka does not appeal to you, try a Bloody Maria, which uses tequila instead of vodka. These are the saltiest drinks in the bunch and go well with any hearty brunch.


The Champagnes are also a great option, though you must be careful. Champagne is one of the most sneaky culprits in getting people drunk. It is delicious, but be aware of how much you are drinking. Brunch might call for a Bellini or a Mimosa. Feel free to mix during the day.


Nothing says breakfast more than orange juice and the OJ cocktails are always appropriate midday. Try a Mimosa (see above), a Screwdriver or a Tequila Sunrise. A Cosmo, Vodka Cranberry or anything that pairs with a fruit juice is usually acceptable as well.


If it is early in the day (think: late breakfast or brunch), or later in the day (think: dessert), a coffee beverage is always a great option. Opt for one on a cold day and an Irish Coffee (with whiskey), or a Mexican Coffee (with tequila) are delicious choices. To warm for hot coffee? Try a Mudslide or Kahlua drink.


Last but never least, always remember the wonder and beauty of beer. And wine. The oldest and most nuanced drinks, wine and beer remain the most casual drinks, thus very appropriate in the middle of the day.

Of course, most of these options are sweeter, but the key to day drinking is not getting wasted or drinking anything too hard. Keep it light and fun. Hey, you still got the rest of the day ahead of you!