As we head into a new financial quarter, many of us are thinking about long & short term projects or just about keeping our businesses afloat. It can be a stressful time in the workplace. Stress breeds more stress and it is key to stop the cycle before it becomes unmanageable. Get a head start with these 11 tips and beat it before it beats you.

  1. Create daily and project-specialized checklists.

To do lists are great for the moment, but checklists can be used over and over and keep you on top of your game. Develop daily checklists for daily needs and create project-based checklists to monitor the progress of any project. And never leave a meeting without actionable tasks.

  1. Schedule nothing for one-third of your day.

Always build in time to catch up and get things done. Do not rely on the plane ride or the expectation that a meeting will get out early. Do not include lunch or travel time in this one-third. It is there for you to do focused work.

  1. Work out.

You might hear it all the time, but it is true. Working out makes people more focused, confident, and less stressed. But your anxiety into your workout and then your focus into your work.

  1. Stress-related workDo not sit for more than an hour.

If you find you are sitting for long periods of time, get moving. Walk around the block, get a standing desk or do a headstand, but get your blood flowing. It will help you think and prioritize and it is good for your health.

  1. Sleep.

Pick a bedtime and stick to it. Put the work, the remote, the glass of wine down and commit to the time like you do to your boss. It is for your own good (and hers).

  1. Do not drink too much coffee/caffeine.

If you use coffee or energy drinks, do not rely on more than one. The addiction and jitters associated with them only make you less focused and much more likely to have a midday crash.

  1. Meditate, or do yoga.

The key to stress is calming your mind so go directly to the places that teach you how to calm your mind. Adding a small amount of meditation to your day has proven to improve health and abate procrastination.

  1. Prioritize family.

Keeping your work day in check and remembering why you work is important. Spend some time with your loved ones. You will be doing them and you a service.

  1. Look good.

Dress well. Groom yourself. Clean and iron your clothes. The more confident we are in our look, the more confident and empowered we are throughout the workday. Wear your best and you will work our best.

  1. Change locations.

Do not have the same meeting in the same place. Change restaurants, conference rooms or even locations of the office. Obviously enough, new locations provide new perspectives.

  1. Celebrate the victories.

Business never stops, and it rarely gives us a moment to stop ourselves. When a great sales happens, or a breakthrough occurs, acknowledge it. Spend a few moments thanking the people who helped achieve it Celebrate and reward the small victories. Seeing your successes will make you more successful.