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Everyone can use a little help battling what can be almost unbearable summer heat, and everything that goes along with it, so here are a few must have gadgets to get through the summer.

An insulated thermos that holds beverage cans comes in real handy as it can store any 12oz can of beer (or soda for the younger ones) and keep it cold three times longer than it would on its own. It can also be used to store hot beverages when the cold weather returns.

The best thing you can have in your arsenal against those blood sucking critters called mosquitoes is an electronic repellant. Female mosquitoes are the only ones that will attack humans and the male mosquitoes actually scare off the females, so these electronic gadgets actually imitate the sound of the male mosquito’s wings perfectly which scares the blood thirsty females away.

If you have a small space, room or cubicle that you would like to keep cool without having to refrigerate the rest of the office or house then you should check out the “Kool Zone”. This gadget cools up to seven feet in front of it with no installation necessary; all you do is add some water and plug it in while a two speed fan, which is actually very quiet, pulls the warm air out of the room and pushes it through a cooling chamber at about 70 cubic feet a minute.

For a little more personalized cooling check out the CoolWare Personal Cooling System which weighs about 10oz (14 when filled) and uses a small fan to cool the aluminum plates that go against your neck. Perfect for gardening, hiking or fishing.

Ok, for those individuals, which is just about every male in America, who take their grilling seriously the next must have summer gadget is a BBQ Tool Set. There is a stainless steel set that includes everything you could possibly need and some you probably didn’t know you needed. Including, but not limited to, a turner, skewers, fork, knife, tongs and spatulas all inside of a great durable case. Perfect whether you are grilling for two or the entire neighborhood.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of summer is the relaxing and that can be hard to do when traveling, camping or just puttering around the house looking for that perfect spot for a nap. So, consider the purchase of a portable hammock, they are usually about seven feet long and can hold about 250 pounds. Of course the key word here is portable so you can take it everywhere your summer travels take you and still find that perfect napping spot.

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