As far as sports go Labor Day weekend is about both football and baseball; baseball is entering the home stretch towards the play-offs and football is just getting started. So, while it may not be a particularly busy sports weekend it is good for setting the stage for fall and winter. However, there are plenty of other things that you can do for Labor Day:

How about an ultimate Labor Day party, complete with the requisite bar-b-que and beer; of course it is always fun to add few activities and if your party consists of adults there are some great games that you can play.

For example, why not try a game of “Pole in the Hole”…ok it sounds x-rated but it is not although it can get quite funny.  You will need a pole (you can use a piece of PVC or even the stick part of a plunger) and either rolls of toilet paper or paper towels. It is best played as teams, couples work well but it can be more interesting if you mix the couples up; one person stands with the toilet paper or paper towel roll between their knees (up as high as comfortable). Their team member then places the pole between their knees and then they have to stick it into the hole of the toilet paper or paper towel roll without using their hands. Have to couples race at the same time and whoever gets it in the hole first wins.

While a piñata may only seem appropriate at a child’s party if you fill it with things geared towards adults, gift certificates, or if your guests have a sense of humor you can fill it with small items that you purchase from an adult store, then you have a perfect game for your next adult oriented party.

If you are more into tradition then you can play horseshoes, but not just any horseshoes try a round of “redneck horseshoes” where you use metal pipes pounded unto the ground and instead of the normal horseshoe use toilet seats; you have never seen ringers like these!