Gentlemen, let’s face it. We sometimes worry about stupid things. We get hung up on ideas and ideals that do not serve us.

What does it mean to be masculine? Why do we worry about it so much? And why does it matter? Because, frankly, women are so many things better than us. And only because we do not allow ourselves to be open to a fantastic opportunity.

Ask yourself if you are blocked from truly enjoying some aspects of your life because you question if something is masculine. Perhaps start with the following:


When you hurt, get a massage.

And do not worry if the therapist is a man or a woman – get it done by the person who will actually get the knots out. There is nothing sexual about a massage, and if you insist on only getting massaged by women, ask yourself if you are truly understanding that.


When your fingers are all jacked up, get a manicure.

You do not need to get nail polish or anything feminine, but if you suffer from those annoying (and sometimes painful) scabs on the sides of your fingers, consider consulting an expert. A decent manicure can actually save you a great deal of pain and clean up your nasty nails.


When you are stressed out (or want to look better), go to a spa.

Relaxation is needed for us to live healthy, low stress lives. Anxiety is not a happy, masculine badge we must wear. Allow yourself the ability to shut off and rejuvenate. Taking care of yourself is truly manly.


If you want the hair gone, get waxed.

If you love your hair and do not want to get rid of it, that is great. However, if you are shaving and hacking away at hair you want gone, take a stronger action. Honestly, a waxing will save you money, time and a ton of pain from ingrown hairs.


If you like them, order the sweet fruity drink.

Life is too short and booze is too expensive for you to not order the drink you truly want. Be the life of the party by confidently drinking the drink you love. That should not be so hard.


If you have to carry things around, get a decent bag.

Man purse. Mocketbook. Murse. These all have a bit of stigma around them. Get over it. We all need to carry things around and sometimes we have enough that warrants a bag. If you need one, buy one and use it.


Be you.

No matter the music you like, the hobbies you enjoy or the friends you have, own who you are. That is what truly makes a man. Because you are only as masculine as you feel.