Beard oil is critical for people who want to better control the nature of their beard.

Yet, many beard oil recipes utilize unhealthy ingredients that entail many side effects.

The use of these ingredients can thus be counterintuitive, as the underlying purpose of controlling the flow of your beard is to exude optimum health.

If your body feels overwhelmed by toxic materials, it will be difficult for your hair to appear vibrant and alive.

In this article, we discuss 6 beard oil recipes that are actually safe for a change.

Within each section, we introduce a new way of making beard oil and explain the benefits of this method. Towards the end of the article, we offer our final thoughts on the future of beard oil.

1. The Coconut Almond Beard Oil Recipe

almond oil

This beard oil recipe is named after two of the most distinguishing ingredients used in it, namely coconut oil and almond oil.

These are the two main carrier oils that we use for this recipe. In order to make about 2-3 ounces of oil, we use about a half of an ounce of sweet almond oil and a half of an ounce of unrefined coconut oil.

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Sweet almond oil is critical as bitter almond oil is toxic. Sweet almond oil conveys a very nutty scent that will pair well with the coconut oil.

We typically use unrefined coconut oil because it’s extracted from fresh coconuts. This allows the oil to be cold-pressed using minimal heat, allowing it to retain more of its beneficial compounds. These compounds will tame your beard, keep it healthy and vibrant, and ultimately suffuse your face in a pleasant, stimulating aroma.  

While these two oils form the base of this recipe, we also add some essential oils to complement their characteristics. We typically use peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, and rosemary essential oil.  

Rosemary essential oil gives off a woody scent that emphasizes the minty freshness of the peppermint and eucalyptus. We usually use about 3-4 drops of each essential oil, as these substances are incredibly powerful. A little goes a long way when it comes to making beard oils.

Eucalyptus essential oil is also notable for speeding up healing. Thus, if you have any scars, bruises, or cuts beneath your beard, messaging this coconut almond beard oil into your hair and skin will have many health-promoting properties.

2. The Summertime Beard Oil Recipe

bearded man on the beach

We love this beard oil recipe for the summer months when the weather is pleasant and many local fruits are in season.

In particular, we use the following ingredients for a 2-3 ounces of oil:

  • A half of an ounce of hemp oil
  • A half of an ounce of coconut oil
  • 3-4 drops of mango essential oil
  • 3-4 drops of orange essential oil
  • 3-4 drops of pineapple essential oil

If you live in a tropic location, you can probably even source the fruity essential oils from local manufacturers. This will not only minimize the price of these oils but will also result in a fresher oil with healthier properties.

When oils are transported over a long distance, their efficacy tends to degrade, leaving you with a compromised product.

If you can’t source these oils locally, it’s not a huge deal.

Some people compensate for these compromised essential oils by adding more drops per batch. This is an effective strategy in moderation.

If you go overboard with essential oils, however, your beard oil will not only be overly pungent and off-putting, but it could be counterintuitive. Some people with sensitive skin react poorly to excessive usage of essential oils. This could entail breakouts or exacerbations of existing conditions like acne and facial herpes.

The hemp oil that is utilized in this recipe has been highly lauded in recent years for its benefits. The only real drawback to this oil is its price, as it tends to be relatively expensive. This is pretty typical when using high-quality oils, as the method of refinement can certainly be costly for the manufacturer.

Yet, given the progression of cannabis legalization lately, it seems that the cannabis plant might feature more prominently in our future that many people initially thought. This could drive prices down for the oil, making it more popular for DIY beard recipes like this summertime one.

3. The Wintertime Beard Oil Recipe

bearded man wearing glasses and  cap

Just as there is an ideal beard oil recipe for the summer, there is also one for the winter.

Beard oils are paramount in the winter due to the popularity of beards during this time of year. Without a proper beard oil during the winter, you risk walking around with a haggard look.

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Furthermore, beards that are lacking oils during the winter can dry out and lead to itching and irritation. These are consequences that could impact you long after the winter is over, making this beard oil recipe vital to maintaining your happiness in the future.

Many of the ingredients that we use for this recipe are warming, which should be ideal for the brutal cold of winter. For this recipe, we use the following ingre dients to make 2-3 ounces:

  • A half of an ounce of coconut oil
  • A fourth of an ounce of olive oil
  • A fourth of an ounce of hemp oil
  • 3-4 drops of ginger essential oil
  • 3-4 drops of cayenne pepper extract
  • 3-4 drops of lemon peel oil

Come wintertime, you can find us messaging this amazing concoction into our thick beard, usually multiple times throughout the day.

We simply can’t get enough of the ginger and cayenne, as these substances are very warming and stimulating.

We added olive oil to this mix due to its rich, full bodied flavor, which will certainly appeal to you amidst the depths of winter when hope seems all but lost. We recommend using unrefined, cold-pressed olive oil, as the gentle processing preserves the healthy monosaturated fats and maximizes its usage as an anti-inflammatory.

4. The Simplest Beard Oil Recipe

happy man

We crafted this recipe for all you minimalists out there who are already on the fence about using beard oil. We use the following ingredients to make 2-3 ounces:

  • Half of an ounce of coconut oil
  • 4-5 drops of Lemon peel essential oil

We particularly love citrusy scents, hence our usage of lemon peel essential oil.

However, we recommend using whatever essential oil is your favorite. Since this essential oil will basically determine the scent of this concoction, your choice should not be taken lightly. The coconut aroma of the coconut oil will be strong, but nowhere near as powerful as whatever essential oil you use.

Keeping this recipe to only two ingredients will also make it very easy and affordable to assemble. This will especially appeal to younger customers who are often on a budget.

5. The Aphrodisiac Beard Oil Recipe

man cuddling with a woman

This is one of our favorite beard oil recipes for spending time with your significant other, whether that’s alone on the couch, in the presence of strangers at a concert, or on a date at your favorite restaurant.

No matter how you spend your time, a well-managed beard that smells good can acts as a powerful aphrodisiac.

For this beard oil recipe, we use the following ingredients, which makes about 2-3 ounces:

  • A half of an ounce of coconut oil
  • A half of an ounce of hemp oil
  • 3-4 drops of rose essential oil
  • 1-2 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • 1-2 drops of neroli oil

We especially love the neroli oil in this recipe, as this substance was traditionally used by Victorian brides to stimulate sexual desire as well as calm nerves. In this sense, this beard oil recipe will reduce your anxiety and lead to clarity of mind.

Sandalwood essential oil is also one of our favorites, as this is an ancient substance with a woody, balsamic aroma. The only drawback to this sandalwood essential oil is its price, as it has become quite expensive in recent years. This is why we only used 1-2 drops, though the oil is so powerful that even this amount will be palpable.

6. The Brain Boosting Beard Oil Recipe

man working on the laptop

This is one of our favorite beard oil recipes to use when we have any kind of noticeable brain fog. The ingredients we used in this recipe are not only effective at minimizing brain fog but also directly boosting the performance of your brain.

Anyone who works in an intensely creative field would likely cherish this beard oil recipe. To make a 2-3-ounce batch of this beard oil, we use the following ingredients:

  • A half of an ounce of coconut oil
  • A half of an ounce of hemp oil
  • 3-4 drops of holy basil essential oil
  • 3-4 drops of gotu kola extract
  • 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1-2 drops of frankincense essential oil

Gotu kola and holy basil are prestigious herbs commonly associated with Indian cooking. The oils and extracts of these plants are famous for their cognitive enhancing properties, making them an indispensable part of this recipe.

We add the lavender oil to the mix because it’s so calming and relaxing.

While many people often associate optimal cognitive performance with stimulation and high-energy, this doesn’t mean you can’t feel calm and relaxed as well. In fact, many of the best ideas come to us when we are closest to a sleeping state.

In this sense, before you start that intense painting session next time, you should consider rubbing in some of this brain-boosting beard oil. It could chill you out enough to allow your deeper creativity to manifest on the canvas. Ultimately, this means you will feel more fulfilled and liberated, leading to greater health overall.

Some Things You Need to Know About Beard Oils

We would like to iron out several things when it comes to beard oils.  

First, it should be noted that beard oil isn’t technically necessary for existence. While it can certainly offset some of the negative consequences of an unmanageable beard, at the end of the day, nature already provides the most powerful beard oil in the form of whole foods. Simply eating basic fruits and vegetables can prevent the need for even using beard oil in the first place.

The next time that you eat a piece of fruit, instead of washing your hands, we recommend just drying them off in your beard and on your skin. This might seem awkward at first, as your skin might feel sticky for a few minutes. But, as long as the produce is high-quality and fresh, the oils and juices should be assimilated very quickly.

The main benefit of this approach is that you never have to worry about making your own beard oils. Instead, you can just focus on sourcing locally grown, organic, high-quality foods, as the remnants of these will be sufficient enough to tame your beard and give it a smooth feel and pleasant smell.

It's also worth noting that beard oil can be applied to any hairy place on your body. While beards have traditionally been confined to faces, many people also consider the hair beneath their armpits and around their genitals abundant enough to warrant the dispersion of beard oil.

Our Final Thoughts on Beard Oil Recipes

Anyone with hair can use the recipes that we’ve discussed. We anticipate more women in the future becoming empowered to use beard oils all over their body in addition to kids going through puberty.

Just because these demographics don’t have thick, flowing facial beards doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from various carrier and essential oils.

Everyone can benefit from these oils due to their health-promoting properties and lingering, stimulating aromas. It’s truly a shame that beard oil has been historically confined to men with facial beards.

At the end of the day, as long as you use high-quality, minimally processed ingredients, your beard oil will be extremely effective and will result in greater self-confidence and self-love.

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