If you plan on selling your home keep in mind that what is outside counts just as much as what is inside. Since the prospective buyer is not able to see inside right away one of the first things they will notice is your landscape design which can either peak their interest or send them running away. Hiring landscapers to renovate your yard can be affordable and not only does it enhance the chances of making a sale it can provide significant investment return. As property value increases so does the renovation investment return; anywhere from 26 to 74% of the cost.

A good landscape design offers curb appeal, however, with the current market the quality of the renovation and your own neighborhood are also important factors. Be sure that with the help of good landscapers that you are in the seller mentality since your particular taste may not be the same as someone else’s and a bad choice could actually be detrimental. You can always get an appraiser to assess your home’s value and then make some suggestions on how to increase the value. Even with the market constantly changing a good landscape design and renovation will aid in the sale of your home.

One landscape design that seems to be the best for increasing property value is the addition of a deck; this is because it means there can be further improvements such as outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, etc. You can even save some money by building it yourself just be sure that you are up to the job so that it will look good otherwise it is a waste of time.

Landscapers also suggest the addition of new sod as it can say quite a bit about the condition of the inside of the home. If the lawn is not well maintained people often make the same assumption about the inside of the home. This also includes planting trees and creating shade, another good selling point that increases the value immediately and will continue to increase it if they are properly maintained. When you combine them with shrubs it also provides more privacy, cuts down on the noise and creates a pleasing aesthetic look to the property.