bow man

There are no ties like bow ties.

Sure, it was not always this way. Look at almost any movie from the 1980s. The pretty, but slightly awkward heroine (named Sammy, Katie or Becky) always loved the super cool boy (named Derek or Brad). He had long, fluffy hair, pleated pants and a new car. Then, of course, there was a mix-up and, for some crazy reason, she had to take some OTHER boy to the Sophomore Prom. This guy (named Dougie or Arnie or Sherman) was played by a reasonably good-looking actor, but his hair was pomaded, he wore pants north of his belly button and we donned… a bowtie. What a nerd!

Well, times have changed. Bow Tie Wearers are Tech geeks who are now the new cool kids. The Arnies of the 80s became the Bills, Steves and Elons of today. In many ways, the world has righted itself, and the greatest proof is that the bow tie has now become the symbol of panache it emblemized 100 years ago.

So kick the Bill Nye and Tucker Carlson images out of your mind – and discover these qualities that people are seeing in the modern bow tie man.

And remember: Long ties are the wrong ties.

flirt bow tie wearers

1. A bow tie means you go that extra mile.

You can not pre-tie a real bow tie. You can not slide the knot down and slide it up for a later use. You have to tie it pretty perfectly every time. Bow tie wearers are willing to put in the extra work, knowing that the stylish reward is worth it.

In addition, it takes a little extra elbow grease to learn the proper way to tie one – and many lazier people never learn this great skill. They use the (tacky) pre-tied bows or never wear one at all. A true bow tie man has spent some time in front of a mirror perfecting the process. He knows the benefit of a little extra work.

smart bow tie wearers

2. A bow tie shows that you are smart.

The intricacies of tying a bowtie require some patience and a bit of intelligence. Though it is actually quite simple, many men struggle with the process. The ability to correctly tie a bow proves that you are intelligent enough to understand the steps, and repeat them.

And let’s be honest: It also boasts that you are smart enough to know how kickass a bow can look.


3. A bow tie proves you are creative.

Sure, long ties come in a wide array of patterns and textiles. Pairing them with the appropriate shirt can be difficult. However, the ability to pair a bow tie with a shirt is an especially tricky feat. Doing it well shows the world that you have some creative perspective.

Traditionally, the quirk and style of bow tie indicates that the man wearing one thinks outside of the box. He sticks out in the crowd.

a force

4. A bow tie is a sign that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Whether it was the nerd potentially getting the girl or James Bond saving the day again, bow ties have often signified a strong personality. A man in a bow tie is refined enough to show the world that he accomplish his day without sweating. He is cool and in control.

That’s right. A bow tie says: Look at me. I am confident and I am not trying too hard.


5. A bow tie makes it obvious that you are patient person.

Even the less-than new bow tie wearers have to occasionally retie their knot. And you are happy to devote the time to the process. The bow around your neck is a badge of patience and loyalty.

Hey ladies! Tell your friends to seek out bow tie-wearing men. They are the ones who will listen and be patient in your times of need.


6. A bow tie confirms that you are meticulous.

The effort that goes into the tie shows you are willing to think ahead. And the desire to make sure the bow is perfect demonstrates that you are committed to perfection.

You are the type that plans and makes sure little will go wrong. You plan dates, have awesome parties and make sure everyone is having a good time.

celebrate 2

7. A bow tie celebrates YOU!

Like the biggest, best present, the bow on top shows that you are a gift. Not in a conceited way, but in a confident way that signifies that you celebrate yourself and in the world and have something to contribute to it. You are worthy of attention and handle yourself with joy and cheer. (Seriously, can you think of many angry people in a bow tie?)

And maybe, just maybe, you also implying that you are a package waiting to be unwrapped. Take off the bow and remove a layer and there is something there that is truly great.

Your heart and mind, you pervs! But no matter the color or the style, a well-ties bow tie shows the world that that man is worthy, confident, cool AF and a proud member of the bow tie wearers club.

Be the full package.

And remember one last thing: Bows before hoes, bros.