Ah, gin. That zippy British spirit made from juniper. It is always a refreshing herbal experience, unlike any other alcoholic spirit. Gin can go wrong quickly, but done well, it is perfection. Here are the gold standard gin cocktails:

sloe gin fizz

Sloe gin fizz

This light and delicious combination of one part slow gin, one part regular gin, lemon juice and tonic water is both delightful and dangerously easy to make (and drink.)

gin cocktails


Hipster’s nectar, this newly popular, always tasty drink, combines even parts gin, Campari and vermouth,

gin cocktails

Gin Rickey

Gin, lime and seltzer make for a zippy, delicious drink your little sister will even love.

gin cocktails


James Bond-style, the gin martini is a classic cocktail. Gin, vermouth and an olive can be shaken or stirred (pending on how watery you want it.)

gin cocktails


One part lime juice, four parts gin, no soda – make a stronger, chest hair-growing version of the Gin Rickey.

gin cocktails

Gin Julep

Though the typical Mint Julep is made with bourbon, a gin julep is more herbaceous , lighter,and slightly less sweet. Gin, mint, sugar syrup and soda combine to make a tasty drink for the derby.

gin cocktails

Tom Collins

A classic drink 30 years ago, the Tom Collins is making a comeback. Even parts lemon juice, soda and gin are the key ingredients, invoking a time when lemons were more accessible than limes.

gin cocktails

Singapore Sling

Gin, cherry brandy, cointreau, pineapple juice and lime create a dense and decadently sweet cold drink worthy of a swanky rooftop in the fall. Shaked and served over ice (and often with fruit), it is a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

gin cocktails


Lillet is an aperitif wine and it is the secret ingredient to making a classic Vesper, which is one part gin, one part vodka and a half part lillet. It is a drink that packs a punch – probably why it is another favorite cocktail of James Bond.

gin cocktails

Gin & Tonic

A G&T is both trite and a classic, but in truth, it is a stalwart drink that is difficult to mess up by even the shadiest of bartenders. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly or Peaches and Cream, Gin and Tonic are a classic combination. And it is never shameful to order one.