Can you believe it? We are almost at the end of the election season! And this one has been especially…grueling/shocking/hysterical/scary. (You pick your word.)

No matter which candidate you support in whatever election, your candidate will win or your candidate will lose. Despite the exhilaration or the disappointment, how we deal with these losses indicates how we deal with all struggles in our lives. The losses test us – they are the moments we get to put our best foot forward. Yes, it is hard to do, but not being a sore loser is the biggest display of our true character.

So how do we walk away with our head held high?

Be gracious and express gratitude. You do not have to feign happiness, but accepting the results and congratulating the winners and supporters are key. No matter your fear or disdain for the other candidate – they won. Respect the process our country has been working on for more than 200 years.

electionThink about what you have learned, share it with others. It will be hard to see the silver lining, but what have you learned from this election? What can you do to take part in the system? How can you make the great things happen again? How can you help make the candidate you believe in succeed? What mistakes were made, and how can they be avoided? Talk about these answers, but stay positive.

Be proud of what was achieved. No matter the outcome, your candidate was out there and working hard to achieve something. They garnered some attention, and probably received some votes. That is a great achievement. Never mind the platform that may have touched thousands (or more) lives.

Respect the competition. When we were kids, after a big game, we gave each other high fives down the line. We did not always do it, but we knew it was for the best. Winner or loser, it was a game we worked hard to win. 

Focus on the future. There will be other elections. There will always be more time to change the things you want to change. The beauty of voting is that it happens every year. Get focused and start thinking about elections in the future. Election time will be back before you know it.