As the weather changes and we drive into the thick of fall, it is without a doubt that we have all stepped outside only to think to ourselves, “Damn, it’s cold out!” We had back inside and start digging through the boxes of winter clothes we have been reluctant to take out. We find old jean jackets, snow coats, vests, trench coats and several other jackets we have accumulated over the years.

Donate them all. There are people out there that truly need coats and jackets to stay warm as the winter draws in. And really, from both a fashion and a practical perspective, we only need three coats.

(Note: Sports coats and suits are not being included.)

3 Coats Every Man NeedsCoat Number 1: A Formal Coat

As stated in the note above, the formal coat does not mean a sports coat or suit jacket. Those are different things. However, if you wear a suit, you might need a coat to go over it. Almost always a clean, pressed heavy coat, your formal coat could actually be a trench coat, mackintosh or long pea coat, but it should look like it appropriately pairs with an outfit that would require a tie.

Coat Number 2: A Casual Coat

Here is the coat you can wear with a pair of jeans and a baseball cap. A lighter pea coat could work, but so could a Patagonia or winter coat. This coat should be casual, but warm. It is your most practical coat – the one you grab the most and the one you would be most likely to shovel snow in.

Coat Number 3: A Jacket

The nothing-more-than-a-cool-breeze coat, this is the one that that is easier to carry around as it is to wear. Look for something a little stealthier than a windbreaker, like a North Face or lightly lined jacket. Simple colors and no branding is ideal, though if you have a favorite sports team, this is coat to display that pride.

If you are thinking about other coats that do not fit in these categories, really ask yourself how often you wear them. If you are wearing a coat only four or five times a season, it is merely a fashion piece, not a practical part of your wardrobe. If you are looking to save space and simplify, give it away. Someone else could use it a helluva lot more.