What’s up everybody welcome back to the Mantastic Podcast Redux. My name is Sean Kavanaugh. It’s great to be back, we’ve got some changes in store. Gone but not forgotten are Allen and John and in their place we’ve got my new pals entertainer Adam Wilbur and adrenalin junky and owner of Fuse Lenses Brandon Dill. Welcome guys.

I have to tell you both I’m glad to have you guys on. John and Allen were such a bore……….kidding they’ll jump on from time to time.

So just a recap we are the Mantastic podcast and we talk about manly shit or at least semi manly shit. Pretty much anything goes from politics to tech, from history to sports. We’ll touch on all of them at some point. That’s my recap so let’s move on to new business.

I’m gonna give both of you shameless plugs today so I’ll start with you Brandon what’s new and exciting with you and with Fuse. I know you’re flying those psychotic parachute planes right?

BTW you do know you’re a complete fucking loon right? Don’t like a lot of people die every year in those contraptions?

He did you ever look up the ICON A5 plane I told you about?

Adam have you seen it? Oh it’s bad to the bone. I don’t like flying and would buy one and learn to fly. Basically you have a two seater plane that has a cock pit of a sports car, you can take off and land by land or water and the wings fold back so you can tow it with a normal trailer. Oh and it goes 140 MPH.

Just to get everyone up to speed Brandon owns Fuse Lenses. They make wicked customs replacement lenses for just about every type of premium frame available. Most times the replacement lenses are better than the stock lenses. Whats new and exciting?

OK Adam your turn. Just to let everyone know Adam is an entertainer focusing on magic. He is also the General Manager for Illusionist one of the largest suppliers for professional magicians in the world. He finds and develops new magic stuff. If you’ve never seen pyro I will leave a link in the show notes. Why don’t you tell everyone what Pyro Is and then tell our listeners about your latest model.

Now that the shameless plugging is over lets talk turkey. Who’s looking forward to eating till they puke on Thursday?

You guys doing anything special?

Do either of the families do anything unusual for thanksgiving like weird menu items? No fights?

Dude I want to see Creed. I hear it’s really good and I’m a sucker for Rocky. Does anyone else want to see it?

Have you guys started the xmas shopping yet. I have, I bought my son something. Speaking of my son he just started wrestling which was my sport in grammar school h.s. and college. He asked on his own, I never pushed him he’s an excellent football player and I never wanted him to hate the sport but he came up to me at the beginning of football and said dad I think I want to wrestle it will make me a better football player right?

Both of your kids are too small yet for any extra curricular activities?

I’ll tell you what I’m shot. Football is 6 days a week for 4 months and I love it and I love coaching but it’s a huge time suck now we roll right into wrestling. I know it’s my sport but…….Did you happen to see the wrestling on the gridiron on ESPN at Iowa?

So this was really a smart idea. Tom Brands the head coach decides he wants to hold a wreslting dual meet on the football field in Kinnick Stadium, turns out they have almost 43K people to see the meet vs Okie state but wait there’s more, the undefeated Hawkeyes played their football game there 4 hours later. I had buddies that went there for the football game but went to the wrestling meet that  got so cracked up they never made it the football game. Good fun……

IS there any tech gadget you guys want to get your hands on for Christmas? I think I’m going to get myself a set of V Moda Crossfade headphones. I’m a bit of a music snob and I’ve always loved nice earbuds but my audiophile friends keep telling me to get cans.

Does anyone binge watch any TV. I’m in a serious show hole right now. I’m watching Homeland  and The Walking Dead but  I have nothing to binge on at night. It sucks.

Anyway  thanks for listening. TO all of our listeners have a safe and happy thanksgiving. We’re back so you can catch us every Thursday on the mancertied website or on iTunes.