shutterstock_370348739A suit is an expensive purchase. And most of us cannot buy a new one every few months. As styles (and let’s face it – our bodies) change, many of us continue to wear the suit we invested in so many years prior.


Keep it classic.

When you initially purchase a suit (and you want that suit to last you a while), stay away from more garish textiles and patterns. Stick to simple colors – black, navy, brown and gray. Stick to more traditional cuts and materials that can work in many seasons.


Go to a tailor.

When you initially purchase a suit, make sure it is correctly tailored. Then, when you have had a suit for a while, take it back o to keep it fresh and fitting. Most suits are designed to be tailored, so do not be afraid to make adjustments. Also, be sure to get any wear and tear looked at as soon as possible.


Care for the investment.

It might seem obvious, but keep your suit pressed and hung on an appropriate hangar. Carve out it’s own place in your closet, where it will not be squished between other clothes. Let it breathe.


Mind your shirt.

A classic suit can be a timeless, but shirt styles change quickly. Feel comfortable playing with new colors and patterns in your shirt selection. Pick ones that bring out your personality and match with current trends.


Check your tie.

Tie styles also change quickly – bow ties, skinny ties, varying patterns come in and out of style. Stay current by changing up your tie and shirt combos and keeping those selections fresh.



Cufflinks, tie bars, pocket squares, hats and shoes can all be changed and adapted to current trends while keeping a basic suit over many, many years. Have fun with the accessories and bring out the real you in the choices you make.


Remember yourself.

More than anything, never let the suit wear you. When you pick a suit, choose a simple one that can change as much as you do. Allow yourself to put your personality into your personal style, and also let your PERSONAL style change as quickly as it wants to. Having fun and being yourself will always make you look your best.