College was the time of your life. You rushed, met your best friends, partied hard and still had the energy to make your 8AM class. Life was good.

And sometimes it is hard to let those good times end. But you are older, out of school and it might be time to graduate – from frat boy to frat man.

Here is how to start.


Step One: No more posters.

Scarface might be cool, but come on, you are too old to have a poster up on a wall. There are few exceptions (that signed DMB poster…or any signed poster MAYBE), but all in all, adulthood comes with a certain framework, and that includes using frames. You do not need to be an artsy person and you do not need to put art all over your walls, but you do need to take down the more juvenile elements of home décor.


Step Two: Iron your clothes.

You stare in the mirror, and wonder: Am I too wrinkled to go outside? You convince yourself you are not, and head out.

Here is the news: You were too wrinkled. Always iron. It makes you a very important impression.


Step Three: Make your bed. And wash your bedding.

You are probably old enough to be washing your clothes, bravo. How about your sheets? Your comforter? Dude, you can not let it wait that long. Every two weeks at minimum.


Step Four: Clean your bathroom.

It is not fun. It is definitely gross, but the only thing grosser is when a friend or girlfriends continually finds your bathroom gross. And the more frequently you clean it, the less gross it will ever be.

Win this war, but constantly winning smaller battles.


Step Five: Save.

Money is hard. It comes with a ton of emotional attachment, humility and occasionally the need to deny yourself some pleasure. But, you gotta be saving, man. Develop a plan – either weekly or monthly – in which you place a certain amount of money away. Automatically deduct it from your account, hide it under our bed (so long as you cleaned the sheets), study up on various savings plans, but do something!


Step Six: Drink higher quality booze.

No more Natty Ice. Think higher quality, but less drinking will equal a more enjoyable time (with usually smarter choices). Branch out from the kegs and cheap vodka of your youth and experiment trying scotches, rums and craft beer. And how about wine? Try it. It’s good!


Step Seven: Be you.

Most importantly, shed the person you were trying to be and become the person you are. Do not let a group of people define you anymore. There was a time when your brothers were your best friends – maybe they still are, and that does not have to stop. But adulthood is about being an individual within the group. Being dynamic is about setting yourself apart and addressing the problems that need to be addressed. Believe the things you believe because you have given them consideration. Enjoy the things you enjoy because you truly enjoy them.

Be grateful for your time in school, for your brothers, for your frat and for all the memories. They are part of who you are. Growing up does not mean denying them, it means evolving and appreciating them.