As men we are often told our fashion sense is a joke. Some days, it seems that we have to choose between suiting up and being uncomfortable or being told we look terrible. Many of us give up and reach for the easiest clothing possible – our underwear.
I mean, we have to wear underwear. It’s designed to be comfortable and if you do not care, why not lounge around in it? Now, what you do in the privacy of your own home is up to you – lounge in undies, a suit, or nothing at all – but when you are in public, perhaps it is best to keep the underwear…well, under.
Most of us get that with lower underwear, but not with the other kind: our undershirts. Here are nine reasons to stop wearing white t shirt as your only shirt.
 brief wearing white t shirt
Wearing a white tee is the equivalent of wearing your tighty-whities in public.
Yes, it is certainly not as revealing, but the truth is that most white tees are designed to be worn as underwear.
White tees often have yellow pit stains.
No shame. We have all had them – those yellow pit marks on our white shirts. Though the are usually a result of deodorant (and thank you for wearing deodorant!), they are not the prettiest things to look at.
 pale wearing white t shirt
White tees wash you out.
Perhaps a minor complaint, but white tees are not the best look on anyone who isn’t perfectly tan. Any paleness and you will look like the Marshmallow Man.
 stain wearing white t shirt
White tees look dirty.
Brush up against anything and a white tee with get smudged up and gray. Are you able to stay perfectly clean all day? Are you really going to take that risk?
White tees do not hide sweat and water.
Any drip of sweat, spray of rain or deluge of air conditioning residue will be displayed for all to see. Ever wonder why they only use white tees at a Wet Tee Shirt Party?
 no personality
White tees show no personality.
Picking your outfit each day allows you the opportunity to show off a little something about yourself. It does not have to be much, or artsy, or costume-y, but a white tee says nothing except that you probably did not shower.
 low qual
White tees are usually lower quality.
Mostly bought in packs of two or three, the average white tee is designed to be a first layer and worn under other clothes. It is made of simple cotton-blend and almost definitely by a machine that cranks out thousands of shirts a day.
White tees are unforgiving to less than ideal body types.
Most white tees are cut to hug you closely, so that they do not make you look bulkier or frumpy. Wearing one as the only layer will show off every belly and love handle out there.
White tees show no effort.
At the end of the day, the smallest amount of effort can reap large rewards. By presenting yourself as someone who put some effort into your outfit, you look more motivated, more business-like and more driven.