fashion tips for menSummer clothes are never our most formal. We need shorts, tees, sandals and bathing suits to get through the sweaty (or beachy) days. Of course, we can not look our VERY best during the summer heat.

But it is September now. The summer is over and it is time to pack up the muscle shirts and water shoes and become the classy gents we really are.

Start by dusting off (or purchasing) these items.

fashion tips for men


No sneakers. The key to any fall wardrobe is nice pair of brown or black shoes that you can either wear with a casual suit or use to dress up a pair of jeans. They take you from very casual to respectable in one step. Brown tends to be more flexible – and stick with loafers, Oxfords, wingtips, or derbys.

fashion tips for men

Scarves/Pocket Squares

A casual dress scarf – an accessory that scares many men – can actually be worn if it is light and matches his shirt and coat. Use the fold-and-loop method of wearing the scarf – and have some confidence with it. Pocket Squares can always be used in formal or casual settings if ou choose to wear a jacket that can hold one.

fashion tips for men


We need to rethink the way we wear and use denim. While it is the most flexible and comfortable of items found in our wardrobe, we need to differentiate from a casual pair of jeans and a less casual version. Keep a nice, unripped, solid color pair to dress up in work casual situations.

fashion tips for men


An easy comfortable option, cords should be thought of as khakis with personality. Wear them with a sports coat or button down shirt. (Avoid the mid-90s trend of thick cords or corduroys paired with tee shirts.)

fashion tips for men


There is a hat for everyone – no mater your head size or shape. It just takes some work. Try on as many hats as you can. When you find the right one, you will know. Skip the baseball caps and beanies (and maybe the fedoras), and try Hamburgs, porkpies and casual straw hats.

fashion tips for men

Sports coats

Every man needs a sports coat. Not a suit jacket, but a more casual sports coat for outdoor events, dates and casual meetings. Like a pair of nice shoes, a sports coat indicates that effort was put into your appearance – and yet, all you are doing is throwing on a coat. Let your coats show off your personality – whether that means wearing colorful patterns and textiles or more conservative ones.

fashion tips for men


As the colder weather kicks in, be aware that a few nice sweaters are key to have on hand. Keep them simple ones – in solid colors or conservative prints – you can throw over a collared shirt. No need to match them to your shirt – use complementary colors to make the outfit pop.

Stay cool with fall, gentleman!